Gerald Flurry’s Music Hall

Gerald Flurry, cultic pastor general from the Philadelphia Chapel of God, is uncovered within this disturbing excerpt from his sermon transcript of November 3, 2007 (he complained to possess taken off this website) where he vainly tries to justify his massive investing in Edmond, Oklahoma – wasting millions in the own backyard – by pretending his music hall is God’s House, the temple of God! It is all about family and searching towards the Father and also the Boy and getting them in your yard (chuckle) as well as your backyard immediately in which you do your projects from headquarters also it-He’s immediately in spirit. That’s something to obtain looking forward to. Just how much is the fact that house likely to impact you brethren and me? It’s gonna to construct our belief and I say to you In my opinion we’re able to see already I did not get to talk to Mr. Locher relating to this however i think I’m able to already visit a development in websites, earnings next fabulous Feast of Tabernacles and all sorts of wonderful choices we’ve got there.

And, if you notice, there exists a challenge like this so we have the brain on God’s house where He’s gonna live the following around, it surely needs to help our belief to develop. This means we are likely to convey more growth, more healings, more benefits, there just gonna to become everywhere, for all of us to determine and hopefully many people on the planet. Which building is going to be such as the crown…famous our structures. But consider this brethren: God, the God from that third paradise is gonna come lower here and He’s gonna live within spirit. And He’s gonna get the brain focused more about Him and what’s coming, and that i mean coming oh so quick…

It-ooooooh we’re able to consider people in the future here and live, but how about have God the daddy and Jesus here. Just how much does that physical-is the fact that physical house likely to affect our spiritual house?

…God provides for us NEW Thought Constantly!!! HE’S Talking With HIS Chapel!! THAT’S GOD DOING THAT. GOD IS Talking With US GIVING US HIS MESSAGE And Today We are GONNA Possess The Recognition To Construct A Home for God to live in about this campus. And That I tell ya brethren, that certainly bodes well for future years of the great work of God and let us all realize and thankfully for that recognition to be part of it. (emphasis mine)

You do not need any “special thought” to see and believe the Bible that reveals God’s House on the planet happens to be in Jerusalem – not elsewhere like Mormons yet others mislead.

Gerald Flurry foolishly tries to spiritualize everything away if this involves the holy temple of God that’ll be built-in Jerusalem. Minimal he could do is let the Jews to satisfy their responsibility to construct God’s House – the Embassy from the Eternal – in Jerusalem around the Temple Mount and prevent equating Edmond with Jerusalem! What chutzpah! What madness!

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