Is Nokia X3 as The New XpressMusic Generation The Best Music Phone

With the existence of Nokia X3, the maker has surrended their music phone (XpressMusic) which was well-known and effective until lately. Made with the slider sport, X3 is featured with 3.2 megapixel camera and a pair of.2 inch screen. It enables you to definitely still takes button snaps and impressive videos, upload and share these to your social networking like Facebook and Flickr.

With 2.2 inch display and 240×320 pixel, the Nokia X3 provides much less sharp images that appear to be warn out and thin especially underneath the sunlight. However, you may still easily continue reading the monochromic screen.

Should you have a look only at that phone carefully, you instantly notice that it’s Nokia XpressMusic Phone successor using the change and extra features. You’ll find built-in radio with RDS, stereo system loudspeakers, bluetooth or standard 3.5 mm earphone jack a lengthy with devoted music button, micro USB port and also the one for Nokia’s previous generation battery chargers.

Once the phone is slide out, you’ll go through the soft keyboard that’s enjoyable to make use of and clearly felt when pressed. It may seem it had become metallic but really it had been made from plastic. You will be aware right after touching the secrets.

Finally, with this particular cost, Nokia X3 is made for the center clients specifically for the music enthusiasts who wish to spend their cash specifically for music cell phone. Therefore, the improved features like around the smartphone obviously, aren’t available. Yes, it’s obviously equal using the cost spent.